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Really We Get A Mitch Rapp Movie Before A Mack Bolan Movie??

Why? How is it that a character has over 600 novels (I believe the most of any single American character not a comic book) plus close to 150 novels he costars in has 0 movies and 0 tv series?

Anyone know if the Mack Bolan (Executioner/Super Bolan) is the most novels for any one American character non comic book. I think a German sf series beats it.

Why has there been no movies or series about the greatest pulp character evah? I would argue the American version of Don Quixote.


Yet there is a Mitch Rapp movie called American Assassin out today. I read the first Rapp novel (Transfer of Power) and thought it was ok. A Pbit too long. I firmly believe action novels should be short (pulp books being classicly circa 250 pages is more then enough). The Executioner novels started at 180, went to 250 for a while, stabilized for a very long time at 220 then dropped to 180. Super Bolans most.were too long at 350 pages and Stony Man were 350 but told three different storylines all against one villian or organization, the three storylines were Bolan, Phoenix Force and Able Team. Stony Man tended to all start the same, mission given with all three groups told then they dispersed then they would meet on and off then at the last quarter converge in an assault.

As you know Phoenix Force and Able Team used to have their own novel series.

Except for first 37 novels all published by Harlequin. Amazing I know. No sex scenes most it would be Mack and Barbara Price (head of Stony Man operations) would go off to his or hers apartment at Stony Man. Although prior to being picked up by Harlequin (Pinnacle was the first).

Is the Rapp movie any good?

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