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Welcome To The Bitchery

So I'm definitely going to see a doctor about this, but I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced it.

If I touch the left side of my face, specifically on or around my left eyebrow, my head hurts. It doesn't hurt in a way that would imply I have a bruise or something, it actually gives me a migraine. It causes me to get an intense migraine, sometimes causing dizziness, for a few seconds (I want to say it lasts anywhere between 5-15 seconds). Again, this is only if I touch my left eyebrow or the area surrounding it, and the headache occurs in that general area.


What the actual fuck. Am I just hitting a weird pressure point? Am I dying? Am I currently having a perpetual aneurysm? It started happening a few months ago and it's getting worse. I'm also a massive hypochondriac which isn't helping. What kind of doctor should I see? A neurologist or my usual doctor?


Edit: I also want to add that it's not a sinus headache or sinus pressure. I have awful allergies and have sinus headaches all the time, and this definitely isn't the same thing.

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