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I assume some here watch the show. Anyways last nights episode. I was too tired last night to post.








Mike and Frank were once again at another old white dude’s property consisting of it being size of a small farm with no animals (maybe a dog or cat) and buildings and shacks filled with junk, I mean rusty gold.


Mike discovered this old sign (looked 1950s) that advertised for cars. It was behind a building and a tree literally was apart of it. Yes the tree grew around the sign and a portion of the sign was embedded. It was totally faded.

You would think it would be a “if you can unembed it its yours”. Nope the owner sold it for $175. Not a dollar and seventy five cents but one hundred and seventy five dollars. Mike, not the owner, took a small axe to chop at the tree to let loose the sign.

Mike then saw another sign and the owner said $175. Now did Mike pay that? Nope he said “I will give you $200".

My mother said “oh give me a break”

Give me a break..This sign was sun faded and in bad shape.

I really believe Mike and Frank buys then resells to other old white dudes living in small farms .with no animals just lots of buildings with junk, I mean rusty gold.


It is odd that there are very few female sellers and when they are on its always “this was my father’s (or husband but rarely) and want to sell”.

I know Mike and Frank are considered experts on Mantiques sometimes I wonder based on the show if there is not some truth to the name. One thing I also noticed sellers who are collectors are always white, male and retired and rural.


Mike and Frank travel the country very little in Iowa, where they live.

Well these musings on antiques will be another post.

The picture is of Mike. Full name is Mike Wolfe.

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