We didn’t get the apartment and I’m so freaking mad right now!! RAAH

We had the viewing monday at the end of the workday (5:30) and they told us to have all of the documents in by wednesday at 5. So we scrambled and got all of the papers and sent them out, they had them wednesday before 2. After we sent the documents I called them to confirm if they got the e-mail. The guy on the phone is all “Oh, yeah I got them but we already put someone else forward..”



That wasn’t the deal! Normally you have weeks to get everything together, we did it in 44 hours! We got you all the stuff! We even wrote a heartfelt letter to the owner of the apartment/building promising out good behavior! We got it in on time! You aren’t supposed to already put someone forward BEFORE the cutoff time! MOTHERFUCKERS.


He did say if for some reason this person gets turned down he might put us forward.. so... there’s that... Coworker is all “It’ll be fine, just you wait, before the day is done we are going to be getting a phone-call/e-mail telling us that the other person was turned down!.. hopefully.” Bless his calm. I want to throw things right now. It’s just so unfair!

This doesn’t mean the end, I found a room I can stay in until september, it’s slightly cheaper, definitely smaller and I won’t be able to bring most of my things or cat.. But it’s a roof. Still.. I was so looking forward to having my own home :(