There are many things that make Foxylocksley excited, two of which are cosplaying/building costumes and Disney. Recently, while taking his much younger sister to Disneyland, we decided it was time to drink the koolaid and get ears. However, we were both very disappointed in the narrow representation of Disney in ear form. I begrudgingly settled on a pair of lady pirate ears (because I love Pirates of the Caribbean), and he ended up with Winnie the Pooh. But he continued to feel discontent, and so he decided to make his own. What type did he choose to make, you ask? Why only his favorite part of Disney since he was 8: Captain Eo. Because what 8-year-old doesn't fanboy out over MJ saving the universe through the power of dance? Anyway, this is currently happening:

They are soon to be covered in white pleather and studs.