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Reason #23495 to Remain Childfree - Everyone is Crazy About Sleep

An acquaintance of mine posted on FB about her difficulties sleep training her baby. Holy Crap...people are the wooooorrrrrsssstt.


She’s having a hard time of it, finding it difficult to let him cry. There are a few sympathetic comments from other parents - one in particular from a Mom who injured her back and had to sleep train her baby because she couldn’t pick her up as much*

But DAMN, people would have you think that sleep training WILL JUST RUIN YOUR KID FOREVER! Which I would assume is exactly NOT what this mom needs to hear right now. I’ll go out on a limb and say that Mom and Dad need to get a bit more sleep, so they are trying to sleep train and are finding the process difficult and just need some encouragement. And I can understand that people think they are being helpful by commenting that you don’t have to sleep train. But I’m going to go out on a limb again and assume that they have chosen to sleep train and are well aware of the other methods. The “non-sleep” train people make it seem like you’re essentially giving your child crippling anxiety by sleep training. Jesus people,you do you and just STFU.

My brother has twins and they had to sleep train from the beginning otherwise no one would have slept at all and they had to try to get a much sleep as possible (because they we getting very little with having twins anyway). The kids are now 4 and go to bed on their own and seem like well adjusted 4 year olds...

Parenting nowadays is fucking crazy. My hat off to all of you in the trenches.

* when I saw this comment, my mind went straight to: both you and your partner work, and he is perfectly capable of holding the baby if you didn’t want to sleep train... which means that Mom is doing most of the bedtime routine. Another example that all this work is mostly done by women, which is not surprising, but I still think is bullshit.

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