ALLEGEDLY racist, that is. My (white) friend has been getting lots of dental work done, lately, and earlier he was telling me about how his teeth hurt.

I said, "Eat some pills!"
And he said, "I don't have any pills."
Me: "They didn't give you any pills?!"
Him: "No, because I'm a man." (Probably making some joke I don't understand.)
Me: "Actually, the fact that you're white means you're more likely to be given pain pills."
Him: "That's straight up racist, roma."
Me: "It's statistics, jingles." (Yeah, I'm kind of being an asshole.)

And on and on, but essentially, pointing out privilege is the equivalent of being *super racist* because it's not always about race, riiiiight? And if I'm drawing attention to the fact that someone is white and therefore privileged, that means I'm racist (or: I hate white people).

(Also, the existing racial bias when it comes to prescribing pain medication has been well documented. I didn't want to get into a discussion about it with this guy. I'm tired.)

So I want to know if anyone else has been accused of being racist toward white people? This happens to me a lot. Probably because I'm really vocal about this kind of shit. I'd love to hear your stories.


(Photo from this blog)