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Reasonable Men of Jezebel: Question

What do you think about the mainpage's penis-size article? It's giving me The Weirds, because the tone seems to be telling men what they think/should think based on this study. And the comments - about why do men care about other straight men's opinions instead of women - is eerily similar (to me) to conversations about why women dress a certain way/want to be thin/etc - which is for other women.


All in all - man or woman, your body is YOURS and not the property of people you fuck or you may eventually fuck. It's narcissistic of we women to believe the man SHOULD be self conscious about his penis in front of us. Ain't my penis just because I might borrow it sometimes.

One of The Terribles said something about womansplaining, and I don't want to engage him or validate him because he is generally the worst. While I agree with a reply that the history/background behind mansplaining and womansplaining is totally different, I thought that probably we women shouldn't get going on the splaining train.

Just because I'm used to being sexisted at, doesn't mean I have to sexist at others.


Do you feel womansplained?

UPDATE: I'm loving all the discussion here! My personal conclusions: I am correct to feel some of The Weirds but maybe not as many of The Weirds as I did initially. I just want to emphasize that this post came mostly from a place of my first instincts, and asking if men felt the article was inappropriate, condescending, or unfair. I have no penis, so I have no basis for my own thoughts on penis envy.

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