Reasons why I ignored/blocked men on OKC this week. This is why I haven’t gotten laid since December 2009. OK July 2011 but it was really really bad. What’s on your blocked list this week?

1. Your entire profile was about how you don’t own a car and it’s important to you to live with as little impact as possible. Which means I’d be driving everywhere as I can’t walk far and you’d give me crap about it. When I asked what you liked to do on weekends, you mentioned the most pretentious bars in Philadelphia (which takes work, bc Philly is dive bar central) and I don’t drink.

2. Our conversation consisted of me asking you questions, you replying and asking me the same question back and then ignoring my answer. When I told you to come up with your own questions, you literally asked yourself questions and answered them. (What’s my goal? To become a manager.) That is not a conversation, that’s a monologue.

3. My profile specifically says that overt sexual content or commentary is a huge turn-off. Yet you wrote that I look like a teacher you once had and I should take out my paddle and punish you and you’d lick my feet in happiness. When I copied and pasted sentence 1, you replied “what? that’s not sexual!” You may be the dumbest man alive except for..

4. The guy who wrote lol after every sentence. I don’t want no drama lol. First of all, if you want someone in your life who will give you “no drama” I suggest a pet rock. Even dogs have their bad days.