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Reasons My Dad Annoys Me

Also, if my sisters read GT (I don't think they do...) they're about to know who I am.

1. He thinks that he is very open-minded, but is in fact one of the more close-minded people I have ever met. He just swings touch to the left, but he's mostly libertarian. Which. Ugh.

2. He hates that he lives in a world where his kids might know more than he does. For example, he took a criminal justice class at community college in the 1970s. So he knows every thing about every law ever written, so we were lying when we told him that people with junior driver licenses had an 11 pm curfew. That sort of thing. But with every thing he thinks he knows. We're all liars, even if we have written proof (like the ticket my friend got when I was in high school driving me back to his house) because he knows "the truth."


3. If you send him a text message or email - either as first contact, or in response to his phone call/text/email, he will immediately call you back. He will tell you (in a voicemail) that he got your text - even if the text read, "hey, sorry I couldn't answer your call, I'm at work so I can't talk on the phone. What's up?" before expressing confusion that you did not answer the phone. It's weird because he absolutely will use text as a form of communication. It's not something that he doesn't understand.

4. He has 4 children. 3 of us spent at least one year between the ages of 18 and 24 where he refused to speak to us/disowned us because we "didn't act like adults" in disagreements where he will gleefully admit he acted like a child. The fourth kid? She's 18. It's coming.

5. He literally refuses financial support once we have reached the age of 18. As in, he refused to cosign for my sister's college loans because "he didn't want money to come between them" and then, when she pushed the issue, threatened to take her off his health insurance - which was part of the divorce agreement. He thinks it's OK, because he bought a fan for her dorm room. My mom cosigned for all of the loans, bought everything else in my sister's dorm, pays her cell phone bill, etc, but HE thinks he is being forced to contribute an unreasonable amount to her since she is an adult now.

6. He tells people that he was once homeless. He thinks he was homeless because he slept at his friend's house for the 4 nights between when he left my mom with 4 kids under the age of 12 (and managed to take both cars, two TVs, and turn off the electricity as he was going) and when he moved into his own place. That's not being homeless. That is poor planning, and also being an asshole. Stop telling people you were homeless. You had a home. You chose to leave it. No one forced you out.

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