The project manager behind my current project seems to think that this is the mob, and that we should operate on the "don't nobody know nothin'" system. I'm the team lead for the support team, and the lack of communication or willingness to lead is killing me and my team.

Cases in point:

  • Refusing to provide us with an updated schedule until less than 1 business day before the change because "It's only a 95% sure thing". WUT.
  • Refusing to allow us to book hotels in Manhattan for an on-site trip by me and another colleague until the last possible minute (< 2 weeks before the start date). Then, when we tried to book hotels, she freaked out because hotel prices were too much and tried to have us stay 1+ hour outside of the city to save a few bucks. Hilariously, keeping us in the suburbs would have cost *more* because of the commuting costs, and ultimately, she got overruled.
  • Hearing from the client that they may need another resource from us, but not telling me or the project's support manager, that they needed this. The first I'm hearing of this is today, when this has been in the works for at least a week, and they need me to get this person access by next week. Also, they haven't considered the possible impact to the budget of this and told the client no problem and that it wouldn't cost them more (LOL, NOPE).
  • Refusing to communicate almost any other significant change to the project, including overall project schedule changes, updated scopes, and the like because we "don't really need to know all that"
  • Freaking out when, after telling us at the last possible moment about a change, we cannot immediately accommodate it, as the change will require time to implement.

In conclusion, I wish I could just say this to the PM: HELP ME HELP YOU.