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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Reasons why Ross is the worst

Let me start with this: I hate Ross Gellar. I have always hated him. I don't think he is funny. I don't think he is attractive. I think he is literally the worst.

During my current re-watch of Friends (thanks Netflix!) I've been remembering all of the reasons why he is terrible. But the episode I'm watching right now has really set me over the edge. In season 6, Ross starts dating one of his students. Yeah, he doesn't start until the class is over but she clearly had a crush on him and he took advantage of that. I used to teach college students and I was HORRIFIED by the number of male grad students and (old as fuck) professors who would date their young, attractive female students. As far as I am concerned, that is so over the top inappropriate - even if they aren't your student anymore, the power imbalance will always be there.


Help me come up with a list of all of the other reasons why Ross is the worst!!!!!!!

And if you say you like Ross, I'm going to judge the shit out of you

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