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Rebecca Black just released "Saturday" and I don't hate it

Yes, that's right. "Saturday." As in, the sequel to "Friday." Let's take a look, shall we?

Alright, let's break this down. First: the song itself doesn't suck in the same way Friday does. Rebecca Black is no longer 13. (She's 16, to save you the Google search.) Her voice is a little less nasally. The song sounds like it was written as something to dance to when you run out of Ke$ha songs rather than something to dance to because you're eleven years old and you're doing a routine at dance camp. It's catchy, and not in an "OH GOD WHY STOP NOW" kind of way.


Rebecca Black has clearly grown up in this video. She's a real teenager now, not just a preteen whose parents tried to buy her a pop music career. She has a cute new guy friend who she may or may not be sleeping with. (He's 22, which makes it okay for me to think he's cute.) She's still not particularly mature—as evidenced by those horrible "oh my god, come oh-ver" bits scattered throughout—but she's going out with her friends, waking up hungover, and dealing with the fallout from last night by saying "fuck this, pass the cheap wine." Like a grownup. (Speaking of which, hold on while I refill my glass of cheap wine.)

Next: she keeps poking fun at "Friday." I can only assume that hindsight has given her the ability to realize what an awful song that was. Some examples: "fun fun fun fun" written on the forehead of a sleeping friend, "so excited" scratched into the sand, and of course the bridge: "Yesterday was Friday/Today is Saturday/We gonna live like there's no tomorrow/Couldn't have it any other way." Plus this beautiful line:

Tryin' to get Friday out of my head

Yes, Rebecca. So are we.

There are some bits that are admittedly a bit perplexing. At 1:15, for example: DUDE. Your pants are RIGHT NEXT TO YOU. Unless those are someone else's pants, in which case you probably have more problems. And at the end, why does that cop ignore that there is clearly a lot of underage drinking going on? Why is that guy yelling? Is it racist that the only black person featured in the video is yelling and being dragged away by the police? (Probably, yes.)


All in all, it's really not bad. I will admit to having listened to it all the way through multiple times while writing this. And singing along. And dancing a little bit. FINE. I actually like it a bit, though if pressed I will say that I like it ironically and only when I've had [checks bottle] two-thirds of a bottle of wine. YOU CAN'T PROVE ANYTHING.

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