Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Rebound day! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

So I posted yesterday about a day that went from bad to worse. I cynically suggested, that the universe, having thrown me to the ground and kicked sand into my face and also foot into my genitals, would come back to also rip out my spine.


I should have checked my e-mail last night: I might have gone to bed less pissed off and depressed. Remember a few days ago that I posted that I hadn't gotten a full schedule? Well, I got an e-mail about that situation and ... Numfar, do you have an appropriate dance for this occasion?


(that's the dance of joy. Those unfamiliar with the Deathwok clan will probably not be able to distinguish it from the dance of welcome or of shame). Hey, and I also got a lot of "thank you"s for taking on the class they had to open up, which is some pretty good chocolate icing on that particular cake (that is also chocolate). Maybe now I can afford all that therapy I need.

What's funny is that the good news brings me up to or perhaps slightly below where I've been for the past few years, which have been anxious and depressing a lot of time. But there's nothing like a real shitter of a day to make you appreciate a small bit of good news. Right now, I love everybody.


I love you, gas station guy who sold me a big bag of powdered-sugar donuts, probably knowing that I was planning on eating the whole thing myself, but not judging me for it.

I love you, person watching weird Japanese TV shows on computers in the Library.

I love you, weird Mod-printed couch over there.

I love you water bottle that I rescued from my classroom the other day.

I love you, lead singer of Evanescence and your super cheesy "I want to die" shriek on "Tourniquet."


I love you torque, both as a concept and a word, which is etymologically related to tourniquet.

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