Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Rec post! (Looking for hair dye and flirty workouts.)

Okay, so I’m looking for two very specific things:

1) Light pink hair dye that stays. I’ve used those “3-5 washes” ones, but I’m looking for something more permanent. I want it to be light pink, not hot pink.


2) A flirty/sexy workout. I’m not into typical workouts, and my tiny apt means I can’t do any dance-based workouts (which I do enjoy). So last night I developed a hankering for burlesque/flirty/sexy workouts that are more strength-building than aerobic. I found this Vixen workout, but it’s cardio. Not surprisingly, googling “sexy workout” just comes up with results on how to “get a sexy beach body” and lapdance instructions.

Also, recommend something you’ve been enjoying recently, or ask for recommendations!

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