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I had to start one of these because I’ve been making a concerted effort to use more of my BirchBox goodies and last night, I used THE BEST FACIAL MASK EVAR and I had to come share with you guys.

This stuff:


It is magic. I was like, yeah, yeah, argan bs, yeah, yeah stem cells. But holy jeez. Usually, right after applying a mask, my face feels tight. Last night, I wiped this stuff off and my skin didn’t feel tight—it felt soft. Like, really, really soft. Like, “I kept touching my face like a weirdo and made Homey touch it” soft.

This morning, I woke up and my skin was still soft! It is magic and, unfortunately for you, you can no longer buy it because I’m buying it all. ;)

Ok, GT, your turn! What’s turning your happy-o-meter to 11 these days?

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