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Welcome To The Bitchery

Rec Thread

Got questions? Got suggestions? Share ‘em here!

First, I have two suggestions:

Number 1 is this hair band from Missha:


I friggin’ love this thing! I have a giant noggin and all the cute hair bands that other people wear to jog or do yoga or whatever just shoot off my head like a rubber band pulled too tight. But not this little beaut! I use it for face masks and it stays in place as long as I need it to, without giving me a headache from being too tight. Plus, it’s pink with a bow. I mean, come on. And only $5!!

Number 2 is just something I’ve always done on dry, winter days: put a pot of water on the stove with a cinnamon stick, some vanilla, some rosemary or cloves, and dried citrus peel (if you have it :), and let it boil away. It’ll make your house smell great and add some humidity. Check every so often to make sure you’ve still got water in there (believe me—you don’t want to scrape fruit peels and burned cloves off the bottom of your pan ;). And, if you have old timey radiators, you can set the pan on the radiator and not even waste the stove energy.


Now my question: Homey’s run out of cloud space. Is it a good idea to use Insta as our photo storage locker? Pros? Cons? Other, better suggestions?

Oh, also, has anyone here tried Glossier gloss? Is it worth it?

How about you guys? What recs do you have or need?

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