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Rec Thread

Guys, I have a life changing lip balm recommendation, a new podcast rec, and a question. Plus, I wanna hear what’s been rockin’ your worlds lately. :)

So, for the lip balm! A friend gave me EcoLips Relax lip balm and I lurve it! It’s lemon and lavender and it smells amazing and it make my lips supersoft. It’s the best before-bed balm evah! There’s a whole set on Amazon and I think I’m gonna get the whole set:



Also, last week, I discovered a new podcast called Throughline and I am obsessed with it. It does a great job explaining the history behind issues and ideas today—I love that kind of stuff and it’s exactly how I try to teach my students to think about politics. The hosts are charming and smart and I feel smarter for having listened. :D

And my question! Has anyone here tried color depositing shampoo? I’m interested but I’m wondering what it does to hair, in terms of damage (if any) and how much it actually show up.


What are you guys loving lately? And what recs do you need?

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