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Rec Thread

Hey, all—what’s been rocking your world lately? And what recs do you need?

My rec is to listen to the podcast, The Shrink Next Door. It’s a Wondery podcast so you already know it’s going to be awesome. But the story is also unbelievable, so much so that Homey ran into our bedroom today because I was yelling, WHAT?!?!? at the podcast and he thought there was something genuinely wrong.

And I have a rec request: any runners here got them thangs? Please, if this is you, help me bra.


My running buddy and I were three strides into our first day of C25k and I was like, I need a new bra!

So, anyone have any recs for bras that will prevent me from giving myself a black eye? And if you come in here with some C cup crap, so help me god. ;D I really, really got them thangs.


Anyway, please feel free to ask for and/or share your recs and thanks for any bra suggestions!

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