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Hey, GT—I need some recs and I reckon y’all might need some, too!

Last night, after about 6 years of good service, Homey finally broke our blender. I knew it was coming—despite my constant reminders, he never puts enough liquids into the damn thing and puts way too much strain on the motor. It finally burned out last night. :(


So, we need a new blender! And I’m leaning heavily towards one that blends right in the cup, since we pretty much only use it for smoothies these days. Does anyone have a rec for a blender like that? Or, as importantly, blenders to avoid?

As for my recs to give, I have 3 - 4:

1) I saw this cute little store across the street from my conference last week and had to pop in. The store is called Honey House but they only sell Waxing Kara products: honey-based bath & beauty products. I bought a face mask there (the honey, oat, and lavender calming mask). I haven’t used it yet BUT! all their masks are powders with suggestions of liquids to mix in, based on your skin type. I think that’s genius! Especially as someone who’s dry, dry, dry in the winter and less likely to be dry in the summer. I am going to be trying it tonight—so excited! If anyone’s interested:

2) I listened to To Live and Die in LA last week, on the planes and in my hotel room, and OMG. That is all.


(OK, that’s not really all—I’m back in the market for some good podcasts, if you have any :D)

3) I finally started watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and I am loooooving it!! If you’ve been waiting to watch, as I have, check it out—it’s really beautifully shot and fun so far. Also, Bronson Pinchot must, himself, be supernatural. He popped up on screen and I screamed—whatever his beauty regimen is, I need it.


4) Skip the Gentleman Jack book. So boring, so bad. My book club is going to hear about it. ;D

How about y’all? What’s rocking your world lately? What recs do you need and what should the rest of us be avoiding?

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