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Rec Thread

It’s been a minute since we’ve done one of these so I thought we were due. What do you all have/need in the way of recommendations? What’s rocking your world lately? And what should we avoid? :D

I’m looking for a couple of recs:

1) My dad has arthritis in his hands that’s pretty bad but, due to heart meds, can’t take much in the way of meds for it. I was thinking of getting him one of those paraffin hand baths and I’m wondering if anyone has experience with them or any other, non-med remedies for arthritis in the hands?


2) I’m looking for some lighthearted/funny podcast recs. I spent way too much of 2019 wallowing in true crime and, now that it’s the deep, dark of winter, I could use some stuff to pull me up and out of my true crime crevasse. What are y’all liking?

And I have recommendations!

I have fallen in love with Brew Dr.’s Love kombucha! I can get it at Target and Natural Grocer’s and it’s a nice lil treat with pizza or popcorn.

If you are warm of heart, but cold of feet, like I am, Warmies microwaveable slippers are EV. RY. THING! I got these for friends at Christmas and, while I was at it, picked up a pair for myself for my surgery recovery. OMG! I’ve only used them a few times but, each time, I’ve napped well for a couple hours (I am not a napper). The ones I have have lavender in them and, honestly, I can’t say that I really smell the lavender once they’re on my feet but, gall dang, the warmth is worth it:


Anywhoozles, what are you loving (or loathing) lately?

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