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Recap of the Annoying Inlaws move

Yesterday, Mr I and I went to help his brother and his wife move. Mr I was not feeling well in the morning, so we I wasn’t sure we were going to make it. But by early afternoon he was feeling well enough to go, so we went. We were told to go to the new house.

When we got there, the UHaul had been unloaded from the first load from the old house, and had gone on to the storage locker. We weren’t sure what to do, and no one was telling us what to do, so we had a look around, we went into the basement of the new house, and the scent of mould immediately hit my nostrils.

Oh, crap. I look around, and realize that they have moved the bar from their old basement, into their new basement. I go over and discretely sniff it. Yup. The smell from the mould in their old basement has permeated it. Later I ask Mr. Iif he could smell it, too, but he couldn’t. I am more sensitive to mould than most people, so that didn’t surprise me, but I hoped he had smelt it to, so I could tell the Annoying Inlaws that we smelt it. I do not think they will believe me on my own, and will think I am trying to start drama.


ASiL was moving things around the house, but it seemed like her younger sister was directing things. Her older sister, who was supposed to be driving 5 hours to help, did not come after all. She was supposed to be bringing her two kids, ages 4 and 6, so I don’t really blame her for not coming. That would have been way above and beyond the call of duty. The other people helping are ASiL’s best friend, another couple, my MiL, our oldest niece, and Mr. I’s sister’s husband.

So still not being sure what to do, Mr I found a comfy place to sit on a couch that the owners of the house had left behind, and fell asleep. Shortly after that, my MiL, and other sister in law turned up. My OSiL had been at work in the morning, but now that she was off shift had come to help as well. The three of us went to the storage locker to help, leaving Mr. I sleeping on the couch.

By the time we get to the locker, stuff from the locker has been loaded into a minivan and a trailer, and they are now loading the minivan. We pitch in. Mostly we are loading random pieces of wood, but there are also tools, and some old bikes that look like ABiL picked them up off the curb somewhere, and this weird old table that ASiL loves. The table apparently came from her grandfather’s store or something. The table top is unattached to the bases, which are these big, hollow, rectangular prisms. They are big enough you could fit our four year old niece inside. Apparently they have plans to alter it somehow.

In the car on the way back from the storage locker, my MiL and OSiL fill me in on how things have been going. Apparently instead of packing, ASiL has been working on the basement floor. Only until Saturday, nothing has been moved out of the basement, so she has been taking an exacto knife and cutting out bits of floor between the furniture, and bleaching the floor. Apparently she was doing this over the objections of ABiL who wanted to wait until the basement was empty and lift the floor all at once. Once they finish removing the floor and bleaching the concrete underneath, they plan to just paint it.


I do not think bleaching the floor will be enough to get rid of smell in their basement. If it has permeated the wooden bar, I imagine it has permeated the drywall in the basement as well. Also, unless they remove the baseboards and get the flooring out from under it, there might still be mould there. I also suspect the mould may have spread to the drywall under the baseboards.

Throughout the process of removing parts of the floor , ASIL has been taking pictures of her progress and texting them to ABiL at work, looking for his approval. He is not supposed to carry his phone on shift, but if she texts him and he doesn’t respond she freaks out at him. Given ABiL’s work history, insisting that he break the rules at work for her seems ill advised.


Apparently if ASiL had had her way, there would have been three separate moving days, with them asking people to help them each day.

My MiL tells me that ABiL has been calling her a lot to complain about ASiL, mostly when he is in the car driving to, and from work, because if he is on the phone around her, she insists on the phone being on speaker, so she can listen to the conversation.


We unload the trailer and the UHaul and it completely fills up the garage. Stuff from the minivan goes in the unfinished part of the basement.

ASiL sister catches a glimpse of the weird old table and visibly recoils saying “What is that awful thing doing here? I thought we got rid of it when we gutted my mother’s basement.” Apparently ASiL rescued it, and her friend stored it for years, before it got moved to ABiL’s Dad’s basement and then into the storage locker.


By then, it’s supper time, and we stop for pizza. Mr. Ivriniel is still not feeling up to helping. so we bow out when the UHaul heads back to the house for another load. It’s after 6 pm and none of the bedroom furniture has been delivered to the house yet. The other family members who were there longer also bow out.

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