I understand that this may be a dream unable to be realized..

There are times when I'll log onto Groupthink and see that, not only have I missed the boat, but the boat's already on the other side of the ocean, and I'm still at the dock asking the ticket taker where the boat's supposed to be going and is that the one I should've been on.

We write a great deal of smart cookie articles here that are either stand-alones or responses to the main page. It's a lot to get through - especially when you add in the commentary. Catching up can take time.

I know that when I was a lurker, making sure that I was caught up on all aspects of the issues and their sources and links meant that, by the time I felt ready enough to give input, the window had long since closed. Groupthink has become, more than any of the other sub-forums, a place where baby Jezzies can come to dip their toe in the pond. (I'm all about the metaphors today, geeze.) It's also a place where people have really been able to suss out their voice. establish their standpoints, and engage. With that in mind, I'd like to try to figure out a way to have a GT Clip Show of sorts in a similar way that the main pages do this:


Not necessarily just about notable articles, but notable comment threads, or plain old GT gossip with links included so that it isn't so overwhelming to catch-up because you'd otherwise spend your time searching for whatever it is people are talking about.


Kinja has given us tools that would make this possible with being able to publish our own stuff and when we'd like it published. While I'd love a feature where a post could be schedule to publish, say, Monday through Friday, there isn't one. (Yet. Kinja Gods, ya hear me?) A daily dump of Things To Know would have to be set to publish manually every day, so this idea might just be relegated to giant-pain-in-the-ass status, I don't know.

But that's why I'm putting it out there. Is there enough interest in something like this that a gaggle of people would want to take on making a daily open thread of sorts? Are there better ideas out there? Am I just crazy?