Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Tomorrow at 7:38 am is the two week anniversary of when I moved to D.C. without a home or a job. I felt I should look back at this period to see what I've done. (Quick note: although I didn't have an apartment a lovely woman whom I've never met let me crash at her place since she's in LA for the time being.)

1. Secured residence in the home of a late 40s (?) gay man who told me during the room viewing/interview that he was bit nervous because he's never lived with a woman before. My exact response was "that's ok, I've never lived with a man before. It could be our own little 70s sitcom." I think we can all recognize how lucky I am that he agreed to rent to me.


2. Did intake interviews with about five million (three) legal temp agencies. These "interviews" were each about half an hour of filing out paperwork (which I'll need to redo since I used my cousin's VA address, aka a house I've never even been to) and maybe ten minutes of actual "interview." It sounds like I may get placed on a project next week.

3. Consumed six bottles of wine. (As you can see, I manage money very well.)

4. Painted my nails 6-7 times.

5. Watched all six episodes of Sherlock twice.

6. Hit the refresh button on Groupthink an infinite number of times.

7. Opened a bank account because Chase doesn't exist in D.C. I should note that I didn't think about it ahead of time so I opened the bank account before I had a new address and now my debit card has been sent to my mother's house.

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