Anyone have any recent discoveries (of any kind) you want to share? Here are my two:

1, A heated brush for straightening my hair (not necessarily the below brand). My hair is thick, wavy, curly, frizzy, fluffy, and cowlicky. I used this last week to straighten my hair before putting some loose curls in it. Unlike a hair straightener, this doesn’t flatten your hair - it just straightens it a bit. I like it for just calming down the curls to a more controlled wave, and for retaining my hair’s volume. Last week, it was super humid here, and my hair stayed in decent shape all week - which is unusual. It also felt great (so soft!)all week - also unusual.

2. Benefit Gimme Brow. I have invisible and slight brows - I color them in, but I think they always look not great. I found a good brow gel recently, which has been better, but then decided to try this - and OMG! It looks like I have normal eyebrows - like full, normal shaped brows! It really does seem to find hairs you didn’t even know existed!…

Anyone else have any great recent discoveries?