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Recent recommendations?

Any things you’ve tried, seen, eaten, done that you want to recommend to the august body of groupthinkers we have assembled here? Want a recommendation from this selfsame august body? Post your recs or need for recs right here!

I have a few, but here are the ones on my mind right now:


Altered carbon: super engrossing series on netflix

this brow stuff: it kicks the ass of every other brow product I have tried - it actually stays, no worrying about brow gel dripping down your face if you sweat or it rains (I don’t think this has ever happened to me, but I worry about it). It only comes off in the shower or with makeup remover. My only complaint is the brush, but I have been using my brush from the brow stuff from glossier, and that works well. Well, my other complaint is that it is hard to get off if you put too much on or make a mistake - but that just makes it a better product. I used the blonde one and I like that it doesn’t have reddish undertones, as most blonde brow colors seem to.


This cat toy: it’s not the best toy ever, but my cats enjoy it and it distracts my crazy one, so that helps. What I like most about it (besides the funny text on the packaging) is that it shuts itself off in 10 mins. That means I can turn it on to distract Frizzy and just let her be.

Tate’s ginger cookies: my god these things are delicious.

This little face scrubber thing: I got some really nice face wash water stuff from my Beauteque monthly subscription. I put a few pumps of that on my face and then scrub it in with this guy (who also came in that same box) - and the pores on my nose are no longer clogged and are far less visible.

Recs I need: Any new tv shows you like. I plan to do some serious vegging this weekend. I also need a new deep conditioner, if anyone has any good recs on that front (dry, frizzy, coarse, thick hair). I recently tried sample of the Ouai treatment masque - which made my hair slippery and soft, but it is so expensive, I can’t justify it. Today I tried this and the jury is still out. This is my current go to, and it is fine but not exciting.

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