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Recipe help!

BellaDella recently requested a recipe exchange post for help getting out of a cooking rut. I need some recipe help, too, for a party I am hosting in a few weeks. So can we use this as a place to exchange recipes today? If you have a recipe you’re loving lately or need recipe ideas, post in the comments! Here’s my situation, I’d love some suggestions:

I’m doing a cook-out at a local park at the end of the month; the occasion is ostensibly my son’s 3rd birthday, but because he is so young it’s really just an excuse to get a bunch of people together and eat and drink outdoors all afternoon. We’ll have picnic tables and a grill; we can have alcohol but no glass bottles. My plan is hot dogs, burgers, and Spanish chorizo on the grill with buns, nice crusty bread, and condiments (corn relish, tomato chutney, pickles, ketchup, mustard, carmelized onions, cheese); a kale salad dressed in garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, parmesan, and almonds that was a big hit last year (I’ll keep the cheese and nuts on the side for people to add themselves in case of allergies); and another salad (maybe three bean?). I also want to do pulled pork in the slow cooker and bring the fixings to make tacos with it (I’m thinking tortillas, lime, cilantro, radishes, cucumber, and hot sauce). Cake, of course. We’re going to splurge and buy one because I’m not a great baker. I will probably also make a small batch of gluten-free cupcakes. For drinks soda, beer, juice for the kids, and maybe sangria to use some red dessert wine my husband bought by accident. Places I could use advice:

  • A vegetarian option— I’ll have 4 or 5 vegetarians. I could do veggie burgers, but am I right in thinking they are kind of boring? I could do roasted veggies. Any other options that are relatively easy to prep and transport?
  • A sangria recipe— does anyone have one they love? And would dessert wine work? I’ve only made it once before and it was kind of underwhelming.
  • Pulled pork recipe— I found this one that sounds good, but if anyone has one they’ve used I would love a recommendation.

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