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Gluten free, no almond, good for diabetic

My husband’s grandmother just passed away this morning. I want to help and his uncle, who has been caring for her since this fall, is in particular need. His uncle is very poor and he also almost died last winter (he has a lot of health problems). He apparently doesn’t even have a good coat (we are in New England and it has gotten very cold), so we want to get him one, but he doesn’t even have a checking account. He has apparently been struggling for food and I think one of the ways I can actually help is by making a bunch of meals that are easy for him to reheat.


But I’m nervous about his dietary restrictions. He is diabetic but also allergic to gluten and almond. He is also lactose intolerant. I want to make him some hearty and satisfying meals. Do any of you have links to some good recipes? It would be such a big help. Thank you so much.

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