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Recipe help for freezable dinners?

A close friend needs to have surgery next week and she is the only cook in her household (I have opinions about that but it is none of my business...). They have been living off of take-out for the past week or so and I know it is contributing to her feeling crappy at a time when she already feels crappy enough. So, I’d like to make and freeze a few different dinners for them, but I don’t really know what’s freezable. Can anyone recommend any recipes they’ve made and then frozen for future use? They eat pretty much everything but nothing too spicy.

I have a stuffed bell pepper recipe that I think will work, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I’m kind of behind on some work I need to get done so I’m a little panicked about budgeting my time, which is why I am turning to you amazing people who always give such good advice. ;)


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