I'm making this slow cooker dish (sausages with mustard/onion sauce) and at the last minute decided to bump it up by half so I could share some with a neighbor whose partner is in the hospital.

Some issues: I don't like cider, so I have a scant cup (I'll need 1.5 cups) that I bought at the farmers market. What should I do to extend this? Just I just make this up with extra beer or chicken stock? Maybe add some brown sugar?

btw, I have fresh apples, apple cider vinegar and, I think, white wine.

Damn, as I'm looking at the recipe, I realize I didn't buy fresh herbs. I think I have some getting-dry fresh thyme. Any suggestion for dried herbs to add and how much? (I'm thinking dried thyme and sage).

ETA: The sausage is a combination of Bratwurst, duck fennel and herb.

UPDATE: IvyLeaf, who wrote the recipe, weighed in with some tips. Thanks everybody. Going to extend it with stock/beer.