Good morning, guys—thanks so much for your support last night. Your kind words brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes; the wisdom and condolences really did help. Of course, there have still been lots of tears but I know we did the right thing. I have so much gratitude and love for this community.

As you can imagine, we’re trying to stay busy today. But it’s cold and rainy so outdoorsy stuff is off the table. Instead, I thought I’d take today to do some cleaning and menu planning. But I realized that my spring/summer menu planning sucks.

I have a ton of “go to” recipes for fall and winter (which makes sense where we live) but I’d love to expand my spring/summer cooking repertoire.

It gets crazy hot and humid here in the summer; I often don’t feel like eating and I never want to cook. Do you have that, too? Every summer I lose weight, partly because I’m more active and partly because cold lettuce is the only thing that sounds good. :)

We do a lot of salads and grilling out, of course, but there are days when we get sick of that.


Sometimes, we throw a can of black beans with some garlic and salsa into a food processor and call it good. With some fresh veggies and corn chips, that’ll be dinner. But I’d love more “go to” warm weather recipes/ideas.

We’re pretty adventurous, though I am vegetarian. So, what do you like to cook in the spring and summer? What are your “go to” recipes when it’s nice outside?

Feel free to share or request recipes below.

And thanks again for the support and kindness. <3