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Reckless Cat

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This cat, Alice, here seen playing with a 3D model of the poop emoji, is very much in love with food and will try to eat anything. Anything up to now includes among other things:

  • cooked potato
  • raw mushroom
  • olives
  • daisies
  • butter
  • cream
  • cheese (any)
  • eggs (however done)
  • fried onion

And the last thing is what made this Saturday afternoon so interesting. I had to talk to the tox center, my vet and then to bring him in to the vet to get him to throw everything up again. The amount of onion was borderline - he might have been fine without the emergency vet trip or he might have shown signs of poisoning. I wasn’t in the mood for Russian roulette. Now I have a drowsy cat and am out of 200 bucks.


What shenanigans have your pets been up to lately?

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