Dear all, I will be on planes, on buses, or in the boonies (not exciting wilderness, just...nothingness) for many weeks to come. I have no entertainment to being with me. I also apparently have weird tastes, because I keep trying to watch TV shows and hate them. So, help? To give you guidance, a list of shows I like and shows I hate.

Like: Orange is the New Black, Fargo, Breaking Bad, Parks and Rec (until it got sappy), The Wire, The Simpsons, Vikings (a love-hate relationship), Resurrection, Rome, Spartacus, Downton Abbey (until it got melodramatic)

Hate: How I Met Your Mother, Revolution, CSI and most CSI-esque shows, The DaVinci whatever it's called, Two Broke Girls, Seinfeld, Friends, Mad Men

Basically, I don't like most traditional sit-com-esque things, which limits the selection drastically. I like series with long story arcs and historical stuff. I can get behind silliness, gore, or both, as long as it's decently done. I prefer snark and dark humour and quirkiness to romance.

My bored self thanks you all in advance!