Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I’m a big fan of Kimi Werner, a champion spearfisherwoman and all-around awesome person. I’ve been reading about her for years and I tried to track down some of her artwork when I was in Hawaii in September, and had no luck. Then she came to Chicago in October for an event at the Mag Mile Patagonia store and to my absolute delight, she is as warm and friendly as I’d hoped and imagined she would be.

She’s been in a few documentaries about fishing, Hawaii, the ocean, etc. The latest is “Fishpeople,” which just came out on Netflix, I think just this week. It covers six people across the world whose lives revolve around the ocean, and it’s an entertaining and inspiring 45 minutes.

Then, if you enjoy that, check out “Pacific Warriors” on Discovery. It’s about a group of kayak fishermen in Hawaii, and Kimi Werner shows up there, too.

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