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Recommendation Post!

Recommend 3 things, anything at all, that you love and want more people to love with you.

My 3:


Dry Soda: It reminds me of Clearly Canadian, not too sweet and just light, bubbly, refreshing goodness. I have the blood orange one right now, but only because the store was all sold out of the cucumber.

  • You're the Worst: Season 1 just wrapped up, and I was skeptical about this show at first but now I fucking LOVE IT. I really hope it comes back, every character is hilariously awful and yet I can't help but root for them. Some episodes are on Youtube and I assume the rest are on Hulu.
  • The Goosedown: Specificially the episode where they pit Outkast vs A Tribe Called Quest. Jasper Redd and Kimberly Clark are incredibly charming and funny, and their critiques and Kim's lack of pop culture knowledge makes me laugh every time.

What 3 things are you loving right now?

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