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Recommendation Post

We haven’t done one in a while, so let’s go for it!

My top 5 today:

1. Diedra and Laney Rob A Train. We watched this over the weekend, and it’s both hilarious and cute. There are a lot of things we can deep dive and address about the politics of race in the movie, but honestly we were tired and wanted to enjoy something without doing a thinkpiece level examination for once.

2. Airheads Bits. Better texture than actual Airheads candies, and each one actually has more flavor than just sugar.


3. Big Little Lies. Is anyone else watching? I was skeptical at first because the previews aren’t that great, but I’m totally sucked into this world of suburban woman drama now.

4. Redken One United hair treatment spray. Does a ton of things for your tresses, mostly just smells good and leaves hair soft.

5. The Pigment Coloring App. Can be used on the phone with or without a stylus, has become my go to for shutting my exhausted brain off and just meditating on something simple with no commitment. They always update with new free pages to color, and they’re all intricate and beautiful.

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