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Have any of you tried Thirdlove? I heard about their bras on a podcast I like, and they were having a 30 day trial period where you can test drive a bra for $1 (wear it, wash it, whatever). The podcast ladies were raving about it (which is sort of their job for sponsors, but this seemed like more than usual) and I’ve been in need of a new bra, so I figured I’d try it (it’s the basic 24/7 bra, for anyone who’s curious). When I first opened the package I was skeptical. It just looked like any regular bra, not the most comfy bra ever. But I have to say, it feels like I’m wearing nothing, but in a good way. And it fits perfectly. I’m pretty impressed.

I then told my best friend about it. Funny thing is, she’s already tried it, and also loves it! She and I have very different bra needs, so I had thought twice about recommending a bra to her. I’m a in the middle of 36C/34D (and oh my goodness - Thirdlove has half sizes!), while she’s probably a big A/ small B. She hates underwire, where as I basically can’t imagine life without underwire (it’d be floppy). The very first thing I do in the morning is put on a bra so I can walk around, whereas she only wears one when she has to. She told me that her this is the first bra with underwire that she’s ever worn more than once. That blew my mind on multiple levels.

So now I want to try their strapless bra. Has anyone here tried it? Or any of their lacy ones? Can they possibly be as comfy? I’m also curious about the longevity of the bra - I’m not sure how old this company is, but if anyone can speak to how their bra has held up I’m all ears. Also, feel free to rave about any other product that is rocking your world currently (alternative product rave for me - words can not express how much I love my Casper mattress).


PS: I’m also posting a discount link for anyone who is interested in trying them (15$ off, which is helps ease the sting of a $68 bra). Full disclosure: The link below is a referral link, meaning if you use it you get $15 off and so do I. But that’s not what this post is about. I really want to hear what others think about Thirdlove bras.


Edit: My first link wasn’t working, hopefully this one is? Also, I just read that they have an app that tells you your size via boob selfies. I may need to go try this right now, even though I am pretty sure I already know my size.

Edit the 2nd: Ok, link is still not working correctly. It seemed to work when I copied and pasted it into my browser, so maybe try that? Additionally, if you really want a discount I think I can send you one via email.

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