Sooo, it appears that the person who lives below the condo we just bought is a heavy smoker, particularly in the morning and almost definitely in their bedroom and/or master bathroom (our units have the same layout, and I can only smell smoke in the bathroom, closet and a small part of our bedroom). I am a person who gets frequent migraines because my biggest triggers are smells (and booze - but I can control the booze intake; can't control smells that exist in the world). I need to figure out how to remove this smell.

I have googled and found a quiet, non-ozone air purifier made by Hunter. So I think I'll buy that. The other suggestion is frequent cleaning with a vinegar-based mixture. But then things will smell like vinegar.... So:

(1) Any tips on essential oils or other things to mix with the vinegar cleaning solution? AND/OR

(2) What do YOU do to get rid of smoke smell?