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Recommendations for Tokyo & Japan Puhleez

Dear everyone - sorry that my first Groupthink post is so self-serving, buuuut - I am going to Tokyo in mid-September for about two weeks. Hubbysaurus has a work conference, so I’ll be on my own by day for the first week (after that, we’re more free and might spend a few days in Kyoto where a friend lives). Have any of you wonderful folks been there and have any recommendations of things to see & do?

As the World’s Worst Homosexual™ I’m not so much into the shopping (though anything Godzilla or Ultraman related will get my cash) or flashy nightlife (though old-Japan-style pubs or drinking spots would be fun). Historic spots, historical & art museums, purty-looking places, day trips, stuff that is only-in-Japan-ish ... I’m googling up a storm but advice from anyone with firsthand experience would be happily welcomed.

Thanks in advance!

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