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Recommendations Post

Let’s talk about new things we’ve liked. Or new things that really sucked and we want to warn everyone away from.

I got a Pacifica blush a while back to see how the quality was. I really really like it. It blends better than NYX and has better color on me than the Lancome blush I was using. And it’s $12 full price and will work with Ulta coupons. It looks more like an eyeshadow based on compact size but is overall really good.


Next up are these veggie chips. I got a big bag at Costco but I might as well have just used it as a feedbag since I kept eating and eating them. Now I buy the individual packs at Costco. Of course they aren’t a vegetable snack, but they are better than Fritos or other junk food I go for at work.


DISLIKE time. I tried Schlafly’s Coconut Creme Ale last week. I admit I am not a beer person, but this just tasted like a normal plain ale but had a nasty strong coconut creme aftertaste. Didn’t really interact with the beer flavor. Just “oh that’s an ale wait why does this taste like coconut now???”

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