Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Recommendations post! (And evening OT!)

Howdy y’all! So, a question - what are some good recommendations for fitness tracking watches. Any good recs? I’m a ladyfolk who generally likes sleeker designs (I don’t even like to wear watches generally) but I’d like it to be a general fitness tracker as well as good for when I’m running, GPS is an added plus. I’ve been looking into a couple Garmin models, and they look okay, but some good recs here are welcome! Price range is cool up to about $300?

Today has been chill! I’m off and found two really pretty chocolate matte lip colors at Sephora that I may treat myself to this weekend. I also got to hang with my sister and we always have fun! She's also super cute with her little baby bump! ^_^ how are y’all doing?


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