Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I have been talking to a guy on OKC for the past week or so. We haven't met yet, but he divulged to me that he's in recovery for alcoholism. He said its important to him that he's very upfront with dating prospects about this. He's been in recovery for 5 years and actively attends AA.

Nothing has happened yet. We haven't even met in person, I really don't have anything at stake. I'm just curious if anybody else has experience with dating or having relationships with those in recovery. I have known heavy drinkers, but never anyone who came through it and got sober, and stayed sober.


I might be open to meeting him and just keeping a watchful eye and being cautious. We have had some good conversations so far, and he's currently interviewing for a job that has something to do with advocating for foster and at-risk children, a cause close to my heart.

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