Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Good morning, GT! I’m home from my hysterectomy and all went well. My doc was convinced that, due to the number and size of my fibroids, laparoscopic surgery would be a long shot. But she did it! It took longer (five hours instead of three) but it means I have smaller incisions (rather than a really long incision down the middle of my belly) and my healing time will be much quicker. So yay!! I had an all woman surgery team and they were so sweet and supportive for the few minutes I was awake with them, lol.

I spent one night in the hospital and it was a little rough (throwing up, difficulty getting comfortable, and OMG why don’t they let you sleep in the hospital?!). I haven’t needed to dip into the Rx painkillers since being home. I’ve been doing all the stuff the doc and the nurse recommended, as far as getting up and moving around without trying to tire myself out.


But, OMG, you guys, I need some recs to keep myself entertained. I have a pile of books but could use some video recs or, if you have any interesting articles, send ‘em my way, please.

And how are you all doing? You ready for the holidays?

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