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Recs needed: books about religions for young children.

Hey y’all. I’m an atheist looking for recommendations for children’s books about different religions. :-D Geared towards 5-ish year olds.

Spending Christmas with my in-laws has littleraptor (age 5) all ... religious. (She was already asking questions beforehand, but the Christmas story my MIL told her got her really interested.) The thing is, she knows basically nothing about any religion except a tiny bit of Christianity. Basically she’s going around talking about believing in God, how God makes the weather, God makes this and that. She knows (sortof) the story of Jesus’ birth.

We don’t go to church. If we did, it would be Unitarian Universalist. I went to Catholic school up until high school, and then I still had to attend church every Sunday, until one day I straight up refused and started going to UU with a friend.


My husband is Christian and he and littleraptor have had some mild religious talks. He answers questions she has. She knows I don’t believe in any god. She knows that different people practice different religions. I’m totally cool with whatever religion she decides to practice when she gets older, if any. I just want her to be educated now about different religions, etc, especially now that she seems really interested.

Any recommendations for books about religions that a 5 yr old could possibly understand?

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