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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Red Alert: House Cleaner Coming

I need professional cleaning/organizing help. Anxiety+migraines+hoarder family background=a not-so-nice living environment.

So, I found an amazing deal through Amazon Local and I have someone coming to help me today. I am completely terrified and embarrassed. And cleaning in advance. Feeling my anxiety and acting anyway.


Here are my irrational fears listed in no particular order:
1. What if they run away crying?
2. What if my cats get out?
3. What if they throw something IMPORTANT away. (Trick question. It all seems important to me. Thanks, Mom.)
4. What if they want me there while they work?
5. What if they don't?
6. What if I end up on some sort of industry blog?
7. What if they find a condom wrapper? They'll know that we have teh sex.
8. What if the dust bunnies revolt and I'm responsible for the consequences?
9. What if I don't know who I am without the clutter?
10. Now we'll be able to invite people inside. What if I don't like people inside?

In summary:

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