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I witnessed first hand the bait & switch that is the Red Cross after Hurricane Sandy. The list of their inefficiencies is long. Of the millions upon millions that came “flooding” in to them in the days after earmarked for Hurricane relief, the most anyone got was a cot, a blanket & a box of emergency cleaning supplies (mop, disinfectant, rubber gloves & a mask). Seriously.

The stories were ridiculous. I told anyone who would listen NOT to donate to the Red Cross. I personally received over $2000 in checks & gift cards from friends and colleagues around the country, which I personally delivered to victims in my town. They got NOTHING from the Red Cross. Other charities were just as bad. I’m looking at you, Governor Christie’s wife. UNIQLO, on the other hand, with no publicity for themselves, drove a bus full of volunteers to our town and gave away Performance Down Jackets and a set of thermal underwear for every man, woman & child who came. Retail $120. Well done, Japan.

So it comes as no surprise to hear this report about the earthquake in Haiti 5 years out. Laura Sullivan has been reporting on the Red Cross for years in a collaboration between NPR & Pro Publica. This is why we give to public radio. I’ve attached the print & radio reports. Audio will be available after 7pm EST. Edit: So many nuanced thoughts from everyone. So many things I forgot that the Red Cross gets right. This is why we love Groupthink, I think.


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