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Red Flags or Bad Luck?

I’m trying to decide if I am dealing with red flags or bad luck here. I stayed talking to Man Friend about a year ago. He worked in the same town I lived in two days a week, but lived about an hour and a half away. Between his work schedule and the fact he had a kid, trying to find time to get together was hard, we only really managed it once. Then, a month ago I moved to a much closer town (45 minutes). His town is one I will visit more often, since my grandmother lives there, and my town is now a desirable place to visit.

The problem is he has had to cancel on me now four times in a row. Once, about 6 months ago, because his kid’s mom was several hours late in picking him up. Once before I moved and then a couple weeks ago due to illness (I believe legit since I know he wasn’t at work. So either true or a very elaborate lie), and then again today because a friend’s mom ended up in the hospital and he went to visit her.

I know constant cancelations are a red flag.... One I ignored with my ex. But his cancelations were “I forgot” or “I fell asleep”, not “vomiting for the last twelve hours” and “supporting a friend because his mom is dying”.


So, I don’t know if I need to cut my losses and just cut him out of my life, or keep on giving him more chances. Aside from the cancelations, there are no other red flags I’ve noticed. I am still trying to date, but all the dates I’ve been on with other guys they don’t make me laugh or think like this guy does, I think there is something there, if we could just get time together.

Or, should I accept that it isn’t a red flag on his part, but that the universe is trying to keep us apart for the good of humanity. Like maybe sex with him will break the Seventh Seal or something......

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