So I want to dye my hair red in a few months or so. I haven't decided when, but I've always wanted to try red hair. I love this particular color (shown on Ariana Grande in this picture...she's an actress on Nickelodeon, for those of you who don't. I really liked the show she was on, shame about that!), and this is the kind of shade of red I would want. My issue is that I'm not sure if this red, or any red for that matter, will go with my skin tone. My skin tone is warm/yellowish. Maybe it's like a light olive? Also, my natural hair color is black, although right now it's ombre (ombre-d?). Anyway, I know that this doesn't really help unless I show a picture of my skin color, but do I go for it? Do I not go for it? I NEED TO KNOW!!!11!!1