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Red Lipstick - Too Much?

Not in general, but with this outfit...

The shirt is plain black and the skirt is black but covered in photo-realistic colored gems. This picture is fuzzy but it's the only one I could find online and their actual website is down:


I also wear this with a bright red cardigan, which is where I think it might be too much. But then it's going to be 72 tomorrow so I might end up taking off the cardigan. I can't just go without it entirely because this outfit is probably pushing it a bit work-wise as it is, and the black shirt will either be a tank top (professional-looking one but sleeveless nonetheless) or a tailored t-shirt.

Alternative option: I have a white cardigan as well that might make it less loud and therefore more open to loud makeup, and the skirt has diamond-looking gems on it. IDK I DON'T KNOW MAKEUP. Halp.

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