Why is this an issue?

Today I overheard people discussing how their little girls were not allowed to wear red nail polish. This was the second time I have heard people discussing this, although I wasn't part of the conversation myself.
The first time I was waiting for my nails to dry and was listening to a mother and her daughter discuss colors while getting pedicures. The daughter was maybe 12? She liked a red. Her mother's reaction was "no way, your father will not let that fly. Pick another color". Ummm. Ok.

Then today I was feeding my son in a cafeteria setting while three younger women sat nearby chatting. They were discussing how one woman asked her partner if she could paint their daughter's nails as the little girl had asked her to. He said no, and she asked if she could at least do glitter, and still was told no. She said something along the lines of "just glitter, it's not like I was going to paint them red". Apparently the daughter was so upset she couldn't have mommy do her nails that she cried.

Why is it that red nail polish = SEX and is inappropriate? It's a freaking color. Meanwhile these poor little girls don't know anything other than what they like is "bad and wrong". Oh, your toddler has painted nails? Clearly she is having all the sex. Oooooh 12 years old with RED nails? Tsk tsk what will the neighbors think?

  • and am I terribly wrong in that if we had a daughter and she asked me to paint her nails I would just do it without discussing that with my husband? Or is it ok because I know he would have zero fucks to give about that scenario?